About Us

About Us

Pranax: Your Trusted Partner in Lithium Batteries

Welcome to Pranax Batteries, a pacesetter in the lithium battery pack manufacturing industry based in the heart of India. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability has made us a preferred partner for customers seeking efficient and long-lasting energy solutions.

Our Journey

Founded in the technology-driven age, we envisioned a future where clean, reliable, and affordable energy would be accessible to all. Pranax was born from this vision, spearheaded by a team of seasoned engineers and environmentally-conscious entrepreneurs. With the collective aspiration to reduce carbon footprint, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize the energy storage industry.

What We Do

At Pranax, we specialize in the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality lithium-ion & phosphate batteries suitable for a wide array of applications. Our products power everything from electric vehicles and portable electronics to renewable energy systems and industrial machinery. We have perfected our batteries to offer exceptional cycle life, stability, and performance under various conditions.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of clean energy to transform lives and protect our planet. Our philosophy circles around three core principles:

  1. Innovation: Staying at the cusp of technology, we constantly embrace cutting-edge advancements to improve our batteries.
  2. Quality: Rigorous testing and strict manufacturing standards ensure each battery we produce meets our high-quality benchmarks.
  3. Customer Focus: We are dedicated to understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of our customers, ensuring their satisfaction with every product.

Our Commitment

As an Indian manufacturer, we are proud to align with the nation’s initiatives for energy independence and sustainability. We are dedicated to reducing dependence on non-renewable sources by providing robust alternatives that are made locally but stand tall on a global platform.

Our Impact

Pranax aims to make a positive impact, not only through our products but also in the way we operate. We uphold ethical practices, encourage community involvement, and focus on reducing our environmental footprint throughout our manufacturing process.

We invite you to join us on this electrifying journey as we continue to power the future with our reliable and sustainable energy solutions. Discover the difference with PowerCharge Batteries – where innovation meets excellence.

Pranax: Small Thing, Powerfull Being.