24V 10.4AH 30KM+ Mileage Lithium Ion Hailong Case Battery Pack For Electric Cycle & Others EV




Key Features:

  • 7S4P Configuration with 100% New Genuine BIS Approved Actual Capacity Battery.
  • High Capacity, Small Size, Light Weight Fast Charging Compare To Lead Acid Or Others Batteries.
  • Life Cycle Approx 1500 So Can Easily Sustain 2-4 Years.
  • BMS Protction For Over Charge, Over Dischgarge And Short Circuit Protection.
  • Small Thing, Powerfull being.

Product Informations:
Battery: Liithium-Ion 24v Battery pack, Capacity: 10.4AH, Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, Input Voltage: 29.4V, Output voltage: 25.9v-29.4v. Product’s life: charge and discharge circulation approx 1500. Basic Information – Cell count: 28, Cell type: Lithium-Ion, Configuration: 7 sets in series 4 sets in parallel(7S4P), Built-in BMS protection with overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection. Charge mode: CC & CV – use a special Lithium-Ion battery dedicated charger to charge up to 24V.

Warranty Summary:

  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warrenty.

Covered in Warranty:

  • Manufacturing Defects.

Sales Package:

  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Male Charging Connector
  • 1x Male XT60 Connector

Safety Instructions:
-Do not disassembly, puncture or crash, short-circuit, dispose in water or fire.
-this battery may catch fire or chemical burn if mis treated.

1. Please follow the safety instructions. This is Lithium battery so use it carefully.
2. Please use Pranax authorized Chargers to avoid voding warrenty.
3. The product may be slightly different from the pictures shown on the website such as color and etc. but the size, volts and ampere will be as shown on the website.


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